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HEMP Health 101 Talk

Please join us. Learn more about the health benefits and the latest research of using cannabinoids (CBD & CBG). This is a great presentation explaining the science behind how and why cannabis works. We will also introduce you to a high-grade CBD hemp extract. Everyone will be entered in raffle to win a FREE bottle.


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Be part of this revolution in health.

We are looking for passionate, driven individuals to help us open up this booming

CBD/HEMP market, expected to be at 23 Billion by 2023! 

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others create better health and wealth.


Some of what you will learn...

Cannabinoid therapy is changing lives!!! Let us share the knowledge with you...come to a live presentation to hear all the details.


New Science

The Endocannabinoid System is a newly found human system just as important as all of our other bodies organ systems.
The ECS was discovered no more than 20 years ago and is only taught in less than 13% of medical schools. It is basically the cellular system and literally regulates and promotes homeostasis so our own bodies can function properly. It’s referred to the command center as it communicates with all the other systems to keep everything functioning and working.


“Endo”means created within, our bodies are actually producing their own cannabinoids. This ECS system consists of receptors throughout the body, predominately in our brain, the nervous system, our immune system and in every organ.
These receptors are specifically tasked to receive and process nutritional cannabinoids. 


If you were breast feed as a baby you received cannabinoids from your mother’s milk. Today you can activate your ECS from
activities like meditation or exercise (the runner's high). The only other way to activate this system is by supplementing with
Phytocannabinoids meaning cannabinoids from plants. This is why supplementing with hemp oil may be the most important
supplement to keep your ECS functioning at its best. Scientist speculate that endocannabinoid deficiency may be the
root cause to most hard to treat health conditions.


The Research is Overwhelming

There are thousands of studies indicating the benefits of cannabinoids for over 250 health conditions.
Visit and search for the latest.


Some Benefits of Cannabinoids

• Improved memory mood & focus

• Relief from physical discomfort 

• Neuro-protection

• Immune and digestive support 


One-of-a-Kind Delivery System

Typical absorption of phytocannabinoid diol oil is poor, with only about 10% uptake in the GI tract. The way an product delivers into the cells is critical.